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Monday, July 9th 2012

9:57 AM

Preteen art photo


Related article: Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 21:17:02 EDT From: BlazinBlasian1aol.com Subject: coaching the cougars part 6I want to apologize for how part 5 went. I was extremely tired but at the same time motivated to softcore preteens write it. So I rushed through it. I realize after reading it. There were many mistakes in it. So if you managed to get through it without slitting your wrist from all the mistakes I'm well awake and ready for part 6. So here we go! This is a story about older guys having sex with younger guys? So if you feel the need to throw up, or cry in the corner because this isn't your thing. You might want to go to the next story. Coaching The Cougars part 6 I couldn't believe what was staring right at me. Both boys Mark and Marcus were bent over on my pool table side by side just waiting for me to do whatever I wanted. I've had my share of threesomes, but never like this. And from what I know never with two guys related to each other. This was crazy, I thought to myself. However at the same time...I was definitely turned on and wanted this more than ever. They both preteen virgin jpg knew what happened between Sean and myself. If I said no...what would happen? Who else knows about what happened? preteen models fotos Did Ray know about Sean and I? I needed the answers to these questions, cause I could really be in trouble here, I thought. " Hey Coach...come on, lets do it!" Mark said, snapping me out of my trance. I figured better do this to appease them. Besides, Mark was out of control, and with his big preteen nudism grils mouth..if I didn't who knows what he would have said...and to who. I went over to both of the entrances of the billiard room and made sure the doors were locked. I then walked back over to where both of the boys were waiting bent over. As I walked over to the pool table I saw such a beautiful sight. Both of them on the pool table on all fours just waiting for me to test there fat asses. They sat there waiting impatiently wearing nothing but white socks and tight white briefs." You know you boys don't have to do this. If you really want to see who's stronger, we can test this out in practice." I said trying to sound like a sane person in this crazy situation. I knew what we were about to do, I just couldn't believe it. This was more than a fantasy come true...this was something that I could wish for before I died. And here I am about to do it in my billiard room, with two of the thickest, darkest hunks on the team. So far I had to admit, as I viewed them over. They had the biggest plumpest asses out of both preteen storyboard bbs Sean and Ray, they looked like four black bowling balls just sitting next to each other on my pool table. I walked over and stood right behind them. I rubbed my right hand all over Mark's ass, while my left hand was caressing and rubbing all over Marcus's big cheeks. I gave them both light slaps. Their dark completion with the crisp white of the briefs, was enough to make me explode alone. Their briefs looked like they were trying their best to hold in all the ass they were stuffed with. I had a feeling if they bent down anymore, they would split them right off." You boys sure you want to do this?" I asked with a last warning type tone. I knew what they would say." Yes Coach...were definitely sure!" They both said in unison. Like I said...I knew what they would say. I figured what the hell, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to make this the hottest time ever for myself. These boys were in such competition with each other I don't think they have ever been made equal in anything. Well I was about to change that. When I was done with them, they would have seen each other in a totally different way, and maybe...just maybe realize not one was better than the other, cause I knew, what I was about to do to them...neither was ready for." You boys shouldn't fight so much. Now before we begin.... kiss and make up." I said in sexy preteens mangas a sensual tone still rubbing both of their chocolate mounds. I began moving my hands to the center of their briefs. Moving my finger up and down in the crack of both their asses. I then took my thumb and began rubbing nude preteen xxx circles in the crack trying to rub their holes through their briefs. You could tell they began to feel what I was doing cause they both let out slight grunts and began breathing heavy." Go on boys...kiss and make up, show each other you really do love each other." I said even softer preteen models fotos than before. They both sat there right next to each other, they looked up and then stared at each others eyes. You could see a slight hesitation as no panty preteens they moved their mouths close to each other. I have no doubt in my mind that both of these boys have had dealings with Derrin. I noticed that Derrin had seem to take a very strong liking to them. And I remember him mentioning that he has had them over his house, in a few practices. But from the hesitation of them wanting to kiss each other...I can tell Derrin never took it this far. But I wasn't Derrin, I thought to myself. I was different. These boys wanted this, and they were about to get it. preteen xxx pictures They came closer, then closer, and finally their lips met. At first they just locked lips, then they began to work their tongues into each others mouths. You could hear moans from both of them, confirming that even though this was the first time they did this...they were loving it." That's it...show each other some love...make each other feel good...understand?" I asked" Yes Coach!" They both said in a slight moan. They were still tonguing each other down when they spoke. It was time to turn things up. I slid down both boys tight white briefs till they were around their thighs. WOW!...Was all I could think to myself. As the twins kept kissing each other I just looked at what I had unleashed. Two big dark chocolate mounds of pure sweet boy bliss. Their asses were slightly darker than the rest of their bodies, and even though they were only 12 you could see some hair stubble growing on the dark cheeks of both of them. They really were developing early, and I loved that. I rubbed my finger in both cracks till I found both chocolate boy holes. I then began rubbing my finger around in circles on their holes. Their moans got louder their breathing got heavier. I decided to test incest pict preteen my thought of Coach Derrin being with them. But I needed to lube my fingers up." Turn around real quick boys." I said in a sensual tone. I stuck both of the fingers I was using to circle their holes out. They both stopped kissing and turned around while still on all fours." Suck on them" I said, biting my bottom lip. The finger I was using on Mark he slid forward and took in his mouth. Marcus did the same to the finger on my other hand I was using for his hole. They began bobbing and sucking on preteen japanese panties my fingers. I saw Mark looked over at Marcus who was sucking my finger at a steady pace, the same way he was sucking my dick earlier. Mark then focused on my finger and began sucking more aggressive and harder and taking it deeper. I could tell that even during this, It was going to be a competition as to who could perform better. My fingers were well lubed and it was time to touch the inside of these two sexy dark twins." Ok turn back around, and go back to kissing!" I ordered in a sexy voice. " Yes Coach!" They both said in unison with a soft undertone. I took the wet fingers and placed them back on their holes. The sounds from them kissing were getting louder, and sloppier. Whatever hesitation they had before..was defiantly not there now. The moans, heavy breathing and panting all became louder. I slid my fingers slowly into their holes. Although they were tight, pantyhose sex preteens their holes didn't give an extreme amount of resistance. It was obvious Coach Derrin had some fun with these boys. This put some ease in my mind because I knew they were no strangers to what was about to happen. Granted they were still very tight, I knew this wouldn't be as difficult as Sean. I slid my fingers in a little deeper. A loud moan came from them in unison. I looked at their faces while they were kissing. Their eyes squinted a little and then eased back little bald preteens to normal. My hands were definitely bigger than Derrins, so I'm sure they had to make some adjustments. I could tell from how wet they both were on the inside they wanted this really bad. I began moving my fingers slowly in and out of their sweet tight holes. The feeling was too much, they broke their kiss." 13 preteen angel Damn...Coach....ohhhh....ooooohh...that feels...good!" Mark moaned. " Mmmmm......hell..yea..it does!" Marcus moaned right after. I was getting so hot. So many thoughts virtual nudepreteen sites of what I wanted to do to both of them began running through my mind. I then remembered I had a huge party going on while this was happening. So as much as I wanted this to last all night. I knew I couldn't. I slid the finger I had in Marcus out, but fresh preteen model kept the one I had inside of Mark going in and out. I then bent down and put my face deep in Marcus's ass and began licking up and down in his crack. The sweet smell of young boy butt entered my nose, and I was taken to another place. I loved the smell of a young boys ass when It was freshly parted. In a short time of being back in Detroit. I realized that it was like a drug. This was number three, and number four was right next to me. I couldn't get enough. I yo nude preteen began licking and lapping, and sopping up Marcus's sweet hole and crack, while my finger was working open his twin brother." Oh damn....Coach.....ohhhhh....wow....your...tongue...ohhh...oooooohh...coach..you feel so good...ohhh!" Marcus moaned. " You like that big boy?" I asked as I came up for air from his huge dark cheeks. " Hell yea...it...feels...so...good.....ohhhhh...damn!" Marcus moaned louder. " Fuck that coach.....do me...I know....I taste...so much better!" Mark moaned while my finger was all the way inside him. It was obvious my finger wasn't enough for Mark. He wanted more. I was happy to oblige. I switched places where now I was eating Mark, and fingering Marcus." Yea....Coach...oohh....oooooooohh...shit...that...feels...good....damn...its...never...felt..like this...ohhhh..mmmm... coach!" Mark moaned loud. I began tongue fucking Mark with my tongue. My finger opened him up so deep , preteen lol that my tongue slid up in his open wet boy hole nice and easy.We kept this up for at least a few more minutes, then it was time to switch gears. I stood back up and wiped my mouth. Licking my lips getting all the sweet twin juice that was on them. I then licked my finger that was in Marcus. I was becoming a huge freak with this. With each boy I encounter...the more deeper I get into being with them. I had convinced myself before this season was over...I was going to probably be involved with every boy on this team. I didn't care. I wanted it...hell I needed it." Turn around and sit on the pool table fellas." I told them. They turned around and sat side by side very close to each other...their briefs still pulled down preteen japanese panties around their thick dark thighs. I looked down and saw two of the nicest, thickest dicks I've ever seen. Damn...I thought to myself. My dick was big when I was little but when I was 12 I didn't have anything like that. They were huge. More thick than anything. They were both exactly the same size. I couldn't wait. I dove head first onto Mark, and took his thick, dark boy dick in my mouth. Soon as I got down on him I could see the slight stubble of little black hair. Puberty was definitely hitting these boys. I wondered if I might be able to get some juice from both of these, thick, black pipes. The sweet smell of boy crotch filled my nose as I began sucking Mark. Bobbing my head up and down, I was sucking and slobbing all over him. With each down stroke I let my tongue lick his shaft while it was in my mouth." AAAAHHH....Coach...yea....that...feels...so...good...mmmmm...ohhhhh....mmmmm..oooooh...yea!" Mark moaned. While I was sucking Mark, I reached over and began stroking his brother, getting it ready for my mouth. I was in heaven. I felt pre cum leak outside of my 10 1/2" dick. I could barely contain myself. I couldn't think of anything else right now except pleasing my two twin hunks I had right in front of me. And this was just the beginning. I felt my juices stir even more, when I thought about what was actually to come. Mark began slowly pumping his dick in my mouth to match the rhythm of me sucking. I could tell they were both experienced in what was going on. I heard them moan in unison again and I looked up. And saw them kissing each other. Marcus with his arm around his older brother. and Mark with one hand on my back and the other caressing his brothers face. I then slid off Marks thick trunk and right on to his brothers, next to him. Soon as Marcus's dick hit nonude bikini preteen my mouth I could hear him let out a really loud moan...while still kissing his brother. He put his hand on my back and gripped the back of my T shirt I had on in pure passion. It seemed that out of the two Marcus was the least experienced. Or maybe it was the fact that his brother was just so aggressive that he hogged all the action when sexy preteens mangas they were together. But not this time, they both were going to get it equally. I began sucking Marcus hard, bobbing up and down on his thick, dark boy meat. I slid all the way down to his stubble of pubic hair touched my face. I held my face there taking his entire thick dick in my mouth and throat. I pushed forward trying to get everything I could...If I could put his balls in my mouth at the same time...trust me I would have. The deep throat was too much for him. He broke his kiss with his brother. His body tensed up..he slammed both of his hands on my back and gripped my shirt hard as hell. His thick muscular thighs tensed up." Ahhhh...AHHHHH...Damn...coach....wow...ohhhh....ahhhhh....oooooohhh...ugh....mmmmmm...shit!" Marcus yelled. His eyes closed tight shut. The intense feeling of my tongue and my mouth on his big boy dick was too much preteen art photo for him to deal with. But I didn't care, these boys wanted Nate...they were going to get all preteens nn legal of Nate. I came up from sucking Marcus and grabbed his face and began kissing him passionately. preteens girls modeling I placed my hand on the back of his head playing with his braids while I was kissing preteen models fotos him. While kissing Marcus, I stroked his brother's dick harder and faster." Yea Coach...stroke it....jerk it...ooohh....oooooooohh...damn...that...feels good!" Mark moaned. I continued kissing Marcus passionately, and he kept up kissing back. His hands began rubbing on my solid chest. I could feel the hot steam coming from his nose. His sweet innocent boy breath tasted like soda and candy. It was a huge turn on. My dick jumped, hitting him in the leg. He then reached down and grabbed it and began stroking it. He broke our kiss and leaned his head forward so that our foreheads were touching each other and he was looking down at my dick, while playing with it." Damn coach...I'm strong, and can take pain. But you're so big. I...I don't know if I can do this...but I want to...I really want to. I wanna start so bad. I wanna win this competition." He whispered to me in my face, so that his brother who was still in pure bliss from my hand, couldn't hear his fear. " I'm afraid, and I just wish it was you and me here, it would make it easier for me to show you I can win." He whispered in pure ecstasy." Don't worry about the competition Marcus. I know you're strong...right now just enjoy the feeling. You have nothing to worry about or fear. I'm sure this is going to be different than what you're use to." I whispered back to him with a reassuring smile. " It already is coach..you're making me feel so good, I will do anything you ask me." He said, then cracked a huge smile that could melt a block of ice. His fresh white perfect teeth, with his dark skin was so warm, so cute. I knew these boys had a strong spell over me. But it seemed I had one on any of them I encountered. I made them always feel so good, that they would be willing to do whatever preteen models fotos it took preteen kama sutra to please me. I was beginning to get addicted to the power I had." MMMMM....Coach...I think its ....your turn now." Moaned Mark. I moved my hand from stroking his dick. I gave Marcus one last quick kiss, and they both hopped off the pool table. They slid down and took off their briefs so all they had on were their white ankle socks." Now you get on the pool table coach." Said Marcus with that cute smile. I took off the basket ball shorts I had pulled down, and slid off the white T shirt I was wearing. I then sat on the pool table. By this time my dick was rock hard and all 10 1/2 inches were sticking straight up as I sat up on the pool table." DAMN!!!!!!" They both said in unison and in amazement. I looked at them and could tell they both felt they bit off more than they could chew. Their eyes were big and wide and they both swallowed hard. They both got close. Mark looked over at Marcus, and then looked down at my dick." You had some...its my turn...let me show you how to do it!" He sneered at his brother. Mark grabbed my dick. Even though his young hands were big...they still weren't big enough to reach around the entire preteen models fotos circumference of my thick, chocolate monster. He licked his lips then slowly lowered his head and began sucking me. He took me as far as his mouth would let him, which was about half way. I had to admit, I was impressed. He defiantly knew what he was doing. Spit slid down from his stretched mouth onto my dick, making it shiny all over. He bobbed his head up and down and slight moans were coming from him while he sucked me. virtual nudepreteen sites I could tell he was trying to out do his brother. He took his hands and began rubbing my balls while he sucked up and down. The hand he had on my dick he began moving up and down while sucking, and slobbing all over me. I grabbed his braids and began pulling his head up and down by them, controlling his speed and how deep he went. At times you could here him gag a little. I was in pure ecstasy." Yea....suck it Mark...that's right....yea...ahhh....ahhh...yea...that's good...suck it baby boy." I ordered. His brother looked on. no panty preteens Then licked his lips." Yo...its my turn!" Marcus said. Marcus grabbed my dick and popped it out his brothers mouth. He then took his big tongue and began licking all over the shaft. He went up, and girls preteen porn down with it. He preteen lol then began licking the head of it, like a he was licking an ice cream cone on a hot day. He then slid me into his mouth. " Ahhh...Marcus...Yea....suck it....suck it good....oooohhh....aahhh...mmmm....yea...that feels good...as hell. Yea....suck it big boy...that's....my big boy." I moaned and encouraged him. I leaned my head back, my eyes rolled in the back of my head. My dick was being treated like never before. Two sweet, young dark chocolate twins taking turns sucking it. I grabbed the back of Marcus's head and began pushing him down, deeper and faster. I grabbed Mark's head and pulled it close to my face and began kissing him. He moaned as my tongue found its way into his young mouth that tasted like candy, and Dr. pepper and a little of the saltiness from pre cum, that I released in his mouth. I moaned as his brothers mouth was making love to my dick. I didn't want to say it...but Marcus definitely could work his mouth better than his cockier brother. Mark then went and pulled my dick from his brothers mouth and replaced it with his. They took turns both of their heads buried in my crotch. Mark would suck deep, and long. While Marcus would give fast, short strokes then one deep stroke before he passed it to his brother. This was probably the first time they every cooperated on anything, I thought to myself. They were definitely doing a hell of a job. My dick was in pure bliss. My hands rested on both of their heads, playing with their braids while moaning loud as hell. In all my years of having sex, I don't think anybody has made me moan as loud as these two were doing." YEA...That's it boys...suck it...that's it Mark....do it...mmmmmm...yea....all the way...down...that's it" I moaned to Mark. "MMMMM....shit.....damn Marcus.....ohhhh....oooooohh...yea...lick it.....damn...yea...that...feels...so good....mmmm...I love it!" I moaned to Marcus. They continued passing me back and forth. Then while my dick was inside Mark's mouth...his brother bent down and preteen lol began slurping my balls. He was licking, and swirling them over and over in his mouth. How in the hell did these two know what to do...and how did they know how to do it so well. Its obvious Derrin had these boys trained well. They then switched places. Marcus began slurping and licking my balls while, his brother began going to town sucking my dick." YEA.....suck it....mmmmmm...yea lick those balls...Marcus. MMMMM.....AAAAHHH...suck it ....Yea Mark suck it....damn...that feels so good...damn guys. I love your ....mouths....ooooohhh....yea." I moaned to them both. This continued for a short while, then I pulled both of their faces up and kissed Mark, then I turned to Marcus and kissed him. They looked at each other, then kissed each other. We were all hot and ready to go to the next level. I hopped off of the pool table, and began stroking my dick. I looked at them and they looked at me. They both licked their lips brazilian preteens model and looked me dead in the eyes."So...you boys ready for this?" I asked, licking my lips and looking at this double conquest I was about to embark on. " Uhhhhh...Yea." They both said, looking at each other, then looking at my dick."Ok...so lets do this!... Who wants to go first?" I asked. " Well...since I'm oldest. I think I should go first...so I can show this preteen picture blog punk how hot blonde preteens its done!" Marcus sneered at his brother."Ok get on the pool table..and lay on your back Mark." I said in a sexy low voice. As Mark laid on his back on the pool table with his legs hanging off the side. I looked at Marcus and winked at him. " Don't worry...you're turn will be in a minute big boy." I whispered to him. I reached in the pocket of the basketball shorts I had on, that were on the floor and pulled out a small bottle of lube. I had it just in case Ray and I managed to sneak off somewhere, I would be prepared. I may not have been able to use it on Ray..but this was a hell of a conciliation, I thought to myself. I approached Mark and put his legs on my shoulders. I looked down at him as he laid on the pool table. I could see the fear in his face. With all his cockiness and aggressiveness...he knew this was going to be a lot more difficult than he thought. If I was Coach Derrin I'm sure I would handle it by ripping Mark up to show him something, but I wanted to make love to this boy, I wanted to make him feel good." Just relax Mark....it preteen model funs will be ok...I promise." I said softly as I looked down at him, and smiled."Ok Coach" Mark said softly, but still scared as he looked up at me. I lubed up my finger and slid it inside him. "MMMMMM...ooooohh....mmmmm!" Mark moaned, and bit his lip. His hole was wet and sweet inside from him wanting me inside him. I lubed up my dick and put it right at his waiting hole. Marcus came and stood by me and stood on his toes with his eyes close, wanting a kiss. I leaned down, and kissed Marcus, while I guided my dick inside of Marks, young, 12 year old hole."AAAAAHHH....OOOOOHHHH....SHIT.....COACH!!!!!.....MMMMMM!!!!" Mark yelled as I slide inside him. I stopped kissing Marcus and began looking down at Mark who naked preteen animation was looking up at me panting and had a look of pain mixed with ecstasy on his face. preteen kama sutra I began slowly sliding in and out preteen nudism grils of him...only giving him a little more than half of my full, chocolate monster. I began grinding, swirling around and around, giving him slow deep strokes."Ohhh...ohhh...mmm...Coach...Nate...ooooh...ooooooh...mmmm...yea...ohhh...sh it...you...mmm...damn...ooooh damn cum preteen hard coach....mmm...ooooh...ahhh." Mark moaned and I slid in and out of him...nice and deep I looked down at him. His legs on my shoulders preteens peeing I pushed them back, so that I could go deeper. His knees touched his chest. For a big boy he was pretty flexible. I slid the rest of my throbbing dick inside him. Going harder and deeper. I looked down at him...he was biting his bottom lip. His eyes rolled in the back of his head. He was in another world. I slide the 10 1/2 inches in and felt my balls touch the mouth of his ass hole." AHHHHHH....MMMMMM...AAAAHHHHHH...OOOOOOOO...COOOOAAACHH....SHHHIIT...OH...OH...AH...AH OOOHH..NATE....UUUUGGHH!" He screamed as I began pumping harder incest pict preteen inside him. My hands preteen lol still on his ankles. He reached up and grabbed my strong arms, squeezing them in pure ecstasy. I began pumping harder and harder. He got louder and louder. I took one of my fingers and slid it into his mouth. He began sucking on it like he did my dick. He grabbed my hand and began moving my finger in and out of his mouth faster and faster. He was definitely into this now."MMMMM.....MMMMMMM....AHHHH...COACH....I......NEED.....A.....BREAK....ITS... TOO...MUCH...MMMM...OHHH AHHH!" He panted and moaned at me. I slid out of him, I admit I didn't want to stop. His ass was so warm, so tight, so sweet. My dick throbbed from his young 12 year old ass squeezing it. I looked down and saw it glistening from sweet boy juice. As I slid out preteen incest video of him....he let out a huge sigh."Oh my ...god....that felt crazy Coach...WOW. I'm sorry. I just need a break" He panted as he sat up on his elbows. I could see he quickly learned his lesson in humility. " That's ok big man...its your brothers turn anyway." I said with a sneaky smirk as I looked at Marcus. Mark scooted further up on the pool table so that he was in the middle of it." Your turn big boy." I told Marcus as I stroked my dick and looked at him. " Get all the way on the table and lay on your stomach" I told him. Marcus climbed up on the table and laid on his stomach. His brother sat on the table on his knees stroking his thick dark dick, that looked like it was going to explode any minute. As I was about to mount Marcus I saw him laying there his thick, plump, dark bubble ass sticking up. Looking like two mounds of chocolate cake. I grabbed the lube and lubed up his chocolate hole and then my dick."Ha...think you can handle it bro?" Mark sneered as his brother. " Me?...You're the one that needed a break...I know I can handle it!" Mark reassured his brother as he looked up at him. I climbed on Marcus's back and slowly guided my throbbing, hungry dick into his hole. He was slightly tighter than his brother. So I eased in a little slower. I began lowering my dick inside him."MMMMMMM....OOOOOHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOOHH...MMMMM...COACH.....OHH!" He moaned as I entered him. I began sliding deeper, and deeper into him. As each inch penetrated his young tight, jock hole. He moaned louder and louder. I could hear his pantyhose sex preteens nails scratching the felt on the pool table, as he clawed at it for support. He then reached up and grabbed his brothers thighs and began squeezing them."OH...DAMN...I...DIDNT....THINK...IT WOULD....FEEL...LIKE...THIS....OHHHH...AHHH...MMMM..UGH..DAMN...COACH...YOURE...TOO...BIG...UGH!" He screamed and I began pumping slowly into him. With preteen nudism grils each pump, his grunts got louder, his moans got stronger. His grip on his brothers thighs that was kneeling right in front of him got stronger. also." Take it Marcus....Come on...Take it! You said you were stronger....go ahead...take it! preteen modeling japan Prove it!" Mark teased his brother. "AAHHHH....MMMMMM...DAMN....HE'S TOO....BIG...UGH....AAAHHH...OOOHH." Moaned Marcus. I began pumping deeper and harder into his sweet boy mounds. I leaned down on him, kissing the back of his neck, licking his ears. I placed my hands on his shoulders for leverage and preteen xxx pictures whispered in his ear. " I know you can take it big boy. You're doing good...real good...just take it for Coach." I began sliding more into him. He got louder. " YES...COACH...I...WILL...TAKE IT...I WANNA BE....YOUR...BIG BOY...ALL...YOURS...OOOOH...AAAHHH...YES....UGH...AHHHHHH!" Marcus Moaned in pure passion. I was loving every minute of this. Both of these two boys felt so good, I couldn't tell who was better. I didn't give a damn...all I knew was I didn't want this to end. I got on my knees and told Marcus to bend over on all fours. He slowly got on his hands and knees and I slid right back into him, going the same pace. His dark brown juicy fat ass jiggling with each stroke I buried in his pre teen ass. I gave him a slap on the right cheek, that echoed throughout the billiard room. I was drunk from twin boy ass...and loved it. " Come....over...here...Mark....stand...next ...to me." I panted as I slid in and out super preteens tops of his brother. Mark stood on the table his cum preteen hard dick right next to my face. I turned my head and began sucking his thick boy member. I was pounding Marcus's sweet boy ass...while deepthroating his brothers thick dick. Mark expressed his aggressive nature by grabbing my smooth bald head and pushing me further on his stick. He then reached down and gave his brother's, huge ass a slap, making it jiggle harder as I was fucking him doggy style. I slid my finger up Mark's ass while blowing him, working his hole open, cause I was about to get some more of him. But before I pulled out of Marcus, I picked up the speed, going deeper and harder, pulling his big, chocolate ass onto my dick. Faster, I began hitting his hole. His cheeks jumping and jiggling like crazy. I was balls deep inside him. You could hear the slaps of my groin and his juicy plump, butt meeting each other. The slaps getting louder, and faster, as I went deeper and harder."AAAAAAAAHHHHH....AAAHHHHH....SHHHIIIT.....AAAAHHHH...OOOOHHH...DAAAAMN..... UGH.....AHHHH!!!" Marcus moaned as I began pounding him. I felt my juices stir, I was about explode. I pulled out. I didn't want to end this...I had to have more..I wasn't ready to cum yet. Soon as I pulled out of him, Marcus collapsed on the pool table, and was breathing preteen slut model hard and heavy." Ugh...oh...damn...wow...damn...Coach....wow...I've never felt that...before...ugh...mmmm." He panted as he looked back at me sweaty and smiling. I laid down on the table and looked at Mark. preteen modeling japan " Come take a ride big man" I said as I laid on my back stroking my long, wet dick. Mark stood over me, stroking his dick. " Come sit on it Mark" I said as I looked at him and smiled. Mark lowered himself down and slowly let my dick slide up inside his wet, gaping hole. "MMMMMM....UUUUGH...OOOHHH...AAAAAAHHHHH....AHHH! Mark moaned as he lowered himself down, lower and lower. He stopped once half was in, and began slowly moving up and down on it. I grabbed his big dark globes and began squeezing his ass, while he was facing me bouncing slowly up and down on my stick."Marcus...come...sit....on ...my face." I moaned. Marcus moved on top of my face with his ass hole directly above my head. Him and his brother were now both facing each other. One with my dick up in him..and the other with my tongue. As I began to shove my tongue up Marcus's sweet boy ass. I lowered Mark down deeper onto my dick. I was licking and circling Marcus's ass hole, while I was doing the same to Marks hole with my long, thick dick. Both were moaning like crazy, and breathing like heavy. They both leaned in and began kissing each other passionately again. The whole thing sent me over the edge. I lowered Mark all the way down on me, feeling my dick make its way to his stomach. I then reached my head up and let my tongue shoot all the way up Marcus's sweet hovering hole." AHHHH....OOOOH...COACH...YEA....DAMN....SHIT....OH....OOOOOOHH...YEA...DAMN...YOURE...IN MY...STOMACH....I FEEL...YOU...OH...COACH...I...FEEL... YOU....OH....FUCK...WAIT...WHAT...THE....HELL...UGH!!!!!!!" Mark screamed as I pumped every inch of me up in him, hard and deep. His dick jumped, and all I felt was hot liquid on my chest. Marcus hopped up softcore preteens from my face in pure amazement. " HOLY SHIT!...what was that??? He said in shock. I looked up and saw 6 huge burst of fresh boy juice on my stomach and chest. I looked at Mark who was pretty much shaking, and panting. I could tell this was his first orgasm ever. " Did I just....cum...coach?" He said looking at me with the same drugged look Ray had when I was with him. It was a look I came to love, A look that told me I gave this sweet, boy pure pleasure." Yea ...you sure did cum...and from the looks of it...you came a lot too." I laughed looking at him. Mark slowly got of me and laid on his back, to gain his composure. " I've.....never....done....that....before....ugh." Mark said as he collapsed on his back on the pool table. I got up, and looked at Marcus, who was still in amazement at what happened to his brother. But I was about to show him the same pleasure." Well I think your brother is pretty much done....you ready to finish this big boy?" I asked Marcus" Yea...I'm ready....coach!" He said girls preteen porn with a huge smile on his face. We were having so much fun. I forgot this was preteen models exposed supposed to be somewhat of a competition, at least to them it was. To me it arkan bbs preteen was a dream come true. Marcus laid down on his back right next to his brother. I got on top of him and began kissing him passionately, running my hands in his braids. I began kissing his neck, and sucking his bottom lip. Making sure not to put any hickeys or anything on him, even though he was too dark and it might not show. I didn't want to take a chance. He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my strong neck. We continued kissing passionately. I finally looked at him in his eyes, as he looked up at me." Ok...big boy...its your turn." I whispered to him. I got on my knees and lifted his legs back so that they were touching his chest, and his wet, gaping, hole that I had fucked and licked was well exposed and waiting for me. I slid my dick inside him. This time I slowly slid the whole thing in." AAAAHHHH....MMMMMMMM....OOOOOOOHHH....SHIIIITTTT.....UGH....OOOOOOOHHH....MMMMM!" Marcus moaned as I entered everything in him, I felt his little canal slowly give preteen girl fucked way to where my preteen models exposed thick, dick hadn't visited before. I leaned down and he immediately threw his arms around my neck. I began pumping harder, and deeper into him, faster, and faster. I could feel his thick dick bounce against my stomach, as I leaned down to kiss him. " MMMMMMM....MMMMMMMMMMM....MMMMMMM!!!!" Marcus moaned as we kissed passionately as I kept digging deep inside of him. His grip around my neck got tighter, and tighter, as my dick searched deeper preteen kama sutra and faster inside of him. Finally I felt my juices stir and I couldn't hold back. I pushed his legs back a little further raising his ass up off the pool table a little bit. I then began pumping hard as I could. "AAAHHH...AAAAAAHHH.....AAAAAAAHHH......AAAAHHHHH...COACH...DAMN....ITS....S O ...DEEP....ITS...DEEP AHHH...COACH...NATE...ITS....UGH....OHHHHHH...I...FEEL...I ...FEEL....WAIT...SOMETHING....IS...HAPPENING...UGH...AHH UGH...COACH!!!" He screamed loudly as I pumped furiously inside of his dark, chocolate boy hole." COME...ON....SHOOT IT MARCUS...GIVE ME THAT JUICE....SHOOT IT BIG BOY...LET IT..GO!" I said as I pumped him preteen lol harder and harder. I took a my left hand and gave his ass a huge slap. "COME ON...SHOOT IT...CUM FOR ME BIG BOY!" I told him. " AAAHHHH COACH....AAAHHHHHHHHH...OOOOOHHHHHH...SSHHHHIIIIITTTTTT!!!!" He screamed. Just then, 8 huge loads shot out all over Marcus's stomach, chest, neck and face. His body letting out convulsions with each blast. That was all I needed to send me over the edge. I got like 5 more pumps, then felt the eruption I pulled out of Marcus and soon as my dick popped out of his wet, gaping hole I gave it one jerk and shot out 8 huge , thick creamy blast. It was uncontrollable, I ended up blasting both of the boys who laid there, still trying to recover from what just happened to them. I was trying hard to catch my breath. I was in great shape, but this...was the workout of a lifetime. In each of those blast It felt like some of my soul had left my body. I never felt anything like the climax I just had. I opened my eyes, which were closed tight, from the crazy semen shower I just produced and looked down." WOW....you...guys....are.....amazing....I mean...holy...shit!" I panted, as I elite preteens com looked down at them covered in my juices. They both just looked at each other and gave each other a kiss. I then collapsed on my back on the table. We laid there for about 5 minutes, no one saying anything. Just heavy breathing and heavy panting. I then realized that I had a party with a bunch of boys I was supposed to be watching. More important, who knows what could have happened to my house. Or who knows who was looking for me or the twins." We better get back to the party guys." I told them as we all got up and climbed off the pool table."Why don't you boys get dressed and go and use the brazilian preteens model bathroom upstairs to clean up. There is fresh towels, and wash cloths up there ok?" I told them." OK! Coach" They said in unison as they pulled their clothes back on. I went and unlocked the door leading to the rear of the house cum preteen hard and preteen nudism grils showed them how to get to the upstairs bathroom. I walked back in the billiard room to put my clothes on, when Marcus ran back in." Hey Coach...you never made a decision...who was better, who starts next game between me and Mark??" Marcus asked, with a really concerned look on his face. Honestly I didn't haven an answer...they both managed to do to me..what nobody has. I had to think quick. While this was a competition to them...it was the greatest thing all year to me." I tell you what kiddo...why don't we do this. You start one game, and Mark starts the next. We alternate, since both of you guys are equally strong." I said to him. I looked in his face and could see that it wasn't what he wanted to hear. He then put his hand on his chin. "Hhhhhmm....ok...that's cool...anything for you coach!" He said with a huge smile and then gave me a huge hug. I then looked down into his brown cute eyes. I leaned and gave him one last big kiss. " Go clean up big boy" I said as I smacked him on the butt, and he ran out the door of the room. I finished getting dressed and put the lube back in my pocket, since they left out european preteen the rear door of the billiard room, I figured I would leave out the other, just to make things look normal. I made sure I was ok and went over to unlock and exit out the other door. Soon as I opened it I saw something I wish I didn't. There was Big Ray standing there looking up at me....with tears in his beautiful brown eyes, his nose red and swelled from crying. I could tell...he was at pantyhose sex preteens the door and heard the entire thing between me and the twins. Only one thought came to my mind.....OH preteen storyboard bbs SHIT!!!! TO BE CONTINUEDWell guys that was part 6 I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it makes up for part 5 and for my leaving. Part 7 should be around by next week. As always your words encourage me, so fans please tell me what you think if you love it or hate it. Thanx again to all my loyal readers. You keep preteen nude fun reading and I will keep writing.
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